Post Apocalyptic books

Post Apocalyptic Books

  If you're looking for something new in Post Apocalyptic fiction, take a look at some of my friends. This short list is just the beginning of my friends who also write Post Apocalyptic fiction with strong women.
Kyla Stone

Kyla loves writing stories exploring how ordinary people cope with extraordinary circumstances, especially situations where the normal comforts, conveniences, and rules are stripped away.

When she’s not writing, you can find her practicing at the range with her Springfield XDS or shopping for cool new gear for my bugout bag.

You may find her hiking to a waterfall in the Smokies, traveling to far-flung locations, or jumping out of a plane (parachute included)!

Kyla creates strong women to take on the apocalypse.

In Point of Impact, Dakota Sloane is a tough-as-nails former foster kid, has spent her life running from the past. When the world explodes, buildings collapse and fires rage, utter chaos erupts. There's nowhere to run. No time to escape. But Dakota's sister is still out there. To rescue her, Dakota will need Logan's help, but can she trust him? And how far is she willing to go to save the only family she has left?

You can find Kyla on Facebook  http://www.Facebook.com/kyla stone author

You can also find her in the Reader’s Group Women of the Apocalypse



Ginger Booth

Ginger Booth is the author of the dystopian Calm Act series, beginning with End Game, and nonfiction books on indoor vegetable gardening, and e-cigarettes.

Ava Panic is a strong woman in Feral Recruit


When Ebola struck Manhattan, Ava Panic was a bright high school sophomore. Two years later, Ava's still kicking. Also hitting, biting, and gouging eyes.

Nine out of ten didn't make it. Half the survivors are feral teens like Ava. During the Starve, their gangs terrorized the city.

If you enjoy vivid characters, compelling world-building, and page-turning action, you'll love the climate apocalyptic Calm Act Feral America series.

You can find Ginger on her website.


DJ Cooper

DJ Cooper is the author of the Dystopia series and other works.

Currently, a student at Southern New Hampshire University studying for a Master of Fine Arts in English & Creative Writing.

She spends time working in the preparedness community with Prepper Podcast as the host of Surviving Dystopia and Executive Producer.

Founder and CEO of Angry Eagle Productions she works to bring knowledge through varied forms of media.

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